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Police and Plain Clothesman Close In on Individual Who Resists and Yells at Them.

Residents of the Vine City area work in the Magnolia Street playlot to build defenses against rats. With 'rat racks' like the one in the foreground, families can prevent pets from tipping over garbage cans. According to the Community Development Aid…

Vine City Photo.pdf
Picture of Atlanta Substandard Housing, Residents Outside Houses in Low Income Neighborhood, Vine City (1968)

English Avenue — 45 X 45: Neighbors Connected.pdf
Photo project by Inside Out and Project Instillation

A-Town Down Pt. 1: Vine City or the Notorious Bluff | Daniel A. Echevarria Photography - Daniel Eche.pdf
Photo tour of the Vine City neighborhood by photographer Daniel A. Echevarria

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