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Atlanta 'can do' better to reduce poverty with more jobs opportunities (2013)
Guest columnist Mike Dobbins discusses Atlanta's poverty dilemma and suggests that jobs could provide solutions to some of the issues citizens face.

Urban farm to uproot from Old Fourth Ward, move soil and all to Ashview Heights (2016)
Truly Living Well lease is up at its six-acre Old Fourth Ward location. The new location at Lawton Street in Ashview Heights will be located near an elementary school, a YMCA, Boy's and Girls Club, a church, the Atlanta Beltline, senior citizens…

Stadium neighbors to Atlanta City Council: Hear us, protect us (2013)
At a meeting with City Council, peakers from Vine City, English Avenue and Castleberry Hill pleaded with leaders to push for everything from noise buffers to economic aid in any deal that gives the Atlanta Falcons a new $1 billion playing field, part…

Artist Rendering of New Homes to be Built in Vine City (1990)
New homes to be built in Vine City under a $10 million trust fund established as part of the Georgia Dome project.

Vine City residents fear crime drawn to boarded up houses (1980)
Vine City residents fear 37 vacant and decaying buildings. 200 concerned citizens marched as the Atlanta Bureau of Buildings inspected the eyesores.

Housing is most visible problem (1968)
This article describes the housing dilemmas faced by African Americans in the Vine City community.

Housing's Cruel Irony (1991)
Despite 30,000 vacant apartments, Metro Atlanta has 15,000 homeless.

The Great Speckled Bird: v. 1, no. 10 (1968)
The Great Speckled Bird is a compilation of articles addressing the current state of Georgia in the 1960s and 70s.