Redevelopment Plans


Redevelopment Plans

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Simpson Road Redevelopment Plan Update (2006)
The Simpson Road Corridor Redevelopment Plan Update builds upon several previous planning efforts in and around its vicinity, which include the previously adopted 1995 Simpson Redevelopment Plan, the Beltline Redevelopment Plan, the Northside Drive…

English Avenue Community Redevelopment Plan Update (2006)
This plan builds upon the previously adopted Community Redevelopment Plan (1998) with hopes of mobilizing and empowering the community stakeholders with a comprehensive vision and implementation strategies towards development being proactive versus…

Vine City Redevelopment Plan (2004)
A comprehensive vision for Vine City with the hope of returning the community to the level of prominence it once enjoyed.

Urban Redevelopment in Atlanta (1979)
The purpose of this report is to examine public urban redevelopment activities in the City of Atlanta and to analyze alternatives to integrate future redevelopment activities with the city's comprehensive economic development delivery system.

Community Benefits Plan (2013)
The purpose of this Community Benefits Plan is to present recommendations to the City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta and The Arthur Blank Family Foundation that will maximize the benefits of the New Stadium Project (NSP) to the Westside TAD Neighborhoods…

English Avenue Redevelopment Plan
Report released by Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning as part of Spring 2008 Studio